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Wheat and Grains vs Pre-packaged meals

Why have some companies gone from wheat and grain products (the staff of life) to pre-packaged meals? Even though pre-packaged meals are convenient, have they been proven to keep us alive in emergency situations like wheat has? Have you ever eaten enchiladas that need no refrigeration and will last for years? I have and I swelled up like a balloon from all of the sodium. Can you imagine your family eating this type of food for any length of time?

There's a difference between live enzyme fully digestible calories and empty calories. Live food (wheat for instance) is alive and supply's us with the enzymes we need to properly digest food, especially in stressful situations. That's why we have our one year supply package menu's assembled by a licensed army nutritionist, so we won't experience malnutrition or food fatigue as many soldiers did in the wars. Wheat and grains have sustained man since the beginning of time. Joseph of Egypt saved millions by storing wheat. Go with what has been proven to sustain life. Yes our packs weigh more, and are a little less convenient in preparing the meals but they are less expensive and with our cook books and menus you'll have peace of mind knowing that your family is eating nutritious meals.

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