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Frequently Asked Questions

Dehydrated Foods are top-quality foods, that have been picked at their ripeness, cleansed and trimmed to leave only the best parts. These choice foods are then dehydrated with 98% of their moisture removed. This is done by a highly sophisticated drying process. They are then packed in heavy-duty enameled cans, and sealed with a special inert atmosphere to insure the longest possible storage life.

Yet freeze drying does not affect the nutritional value of these foods. These foods retain their nutritional value because the vitamins have not been cooked out in the original process, as the canned fruits and vegetables we buy at the grocery store have been boiled and lost a lot of their nutritional value.

The water, pits, and peelings have been removed and you pay only for the product, not excessive or unnecessary waste material. Because their bulk and weight have been greatly reduced, dehydrated foods are more compact and convenient for storing and require very little space. They offer quick mobility in the event of an evacuation alert. For example, one case of regular canned food weighs approximately 24 pounds. The same item of dehydrated foods would weigh from 36 to 45 ounces, and would be packed in just one #10 can. Dehydrated foods have approximately double the yield of regular canned foods even though their cost is much lower.