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3 Reasons to Keep Survival Chickens

3 Reasons to Keep Survival Chickens

            In many crisis situations, access to food can be restricted. Grocery stores may be closed, and while there may be looting, this is not an ethical or a safe choice for food gathering. Instead, survival chickens can maintain a food supply that will keep a family with protein options for the short- and long-term. Survival chickens are not a new breed of chickens created for survival, but they are instead chickens that are raised and sometimes harvested in order to provide a sustainable food option for you and your family.

3 Reasons to Keep Survival Chickens

  1. Eggs

It’s all about the number of chickens you have and the space you have to keep them, but if you want eggs, it’s also about the chicken breed. Hybrid chickens will lay almost an egg a day, but the more common choice is Rhode Island Reds. These chickens can lay up to 250 eggs per year, and they can be used for meat if necessary. Rhode Island Reds are hearty birds, and they can survive adverse conditions better than some other options. Leghorns and Sussex chickens are also good egg layers and also produce about 250 eggs per year.

  1. Meat

Chickens used for meat, or broilers, are another great choice for long-term survival, and they provide entire meals instead of one egg only. The downfall is that you have to wait for the chicken to mature, but that happens relatively quickly. Cornish Cross hens are some of the quickest to raise from egg to maturity, and they are typically ready to go in less than 10 weeks. Jersey Giants are another popular option. Consider dual purpose chickens if you are planning on using them for survival, and you can eat their eggs until you want to harvest.

  1. Pest Control

One lesser-known quality of raising survival chickens is that they are a good form of pest control. They will eat any insect they see and will scratch into the Earth to get larvae and even more insects. Guinea hens will even ward off Rattlesnakes (and they can be eaten)! The benefits of chickens for pest control is that they can save you from dangerous pests like snakes, but they can also save your survival garden from the negative effects of insects and insect larvae.

If you are planning on keeping survival chickens, plan on making a coop and a run for them on your property. It doesn’t take much to keep them safe, but they are quite vulnerable to predators without your help.

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