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3 Reasons to Keep Survival Chickens

3 Reasons to Keep Survival Chickens 0

In many crisis situations, access to food can be restricted. Grocery stores may be closed, and while there may be looting, this is not an ethical or a safe choice for food gathering. Instead, survival chickens can maintain a food supply that will keep a family with protein options for the short- and long-term. Survival chickens are not a new breed of chickens created for survival, but they are instead chickens that are raised and sometimes harvested in order to provide a sustainable food option for you and your family.
  • Tim Anderberg
Composting for Survival

Composting for Survival 0

When a person thinks of composting, he or she is not typically thinking of survival. However, in the midst of a crisis, composting can give you a sustainable way to rid yourself of waste.
  • Tim Anderberg
10 Items You Should Have in Your Bug-out Bag

10 Items You Should Have in Your Bug-out Bag 0

A bug-out bag is a small bag containing the items needs for one person to survive for 72 hours in the event of a disaster. They are not meant for long-term survival. Bug-out bags are to get you out of harm’s way while seeking a better survival solution. 
The 4 Things You Need to Survive

The 4 Things You Need to Survive 0

You may think you already know what you need to survive: it’s pretty basic. Food and water are always at the top of the list, but that’s because most of us are sitting indoors and taking for granted our shelter. Lastly, a person needs fire to keep warm when exposed to the elements. Food. Water. Shelter. Fire. That’s all you need, and you should be able to survive. Let’s break each of these things down a little bit, so you really know your limits when you are trying to survive.