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Composting for Survival

Composting for Survival

When a person thinks of composting, he or she is not typically thinking of survival. However, in the midst of a crisis, composting can give you a sustainable way to rid yourself of waste. Composting is a way to rid yourself of natural waste products in the form of vegetables and many other items, plus it makes some pretty great dirt! There are many ways to compost, and knowing about the basic ways to compost can help you to find ways to compost in an emergency situation.

4 Ways to Compost for Survival

  1. Worm composting

Worm farms are a great way to get rid of veggie waste. Two pounds of red composting worms can compost one pound of food in 24 hours! That is some speedy composting! Not only do they compost quickly, but worm castings (worm poop) the best form of plant fertilizer for gardens. If you are in a survival situation and need to plant some survival seeds, this type of fertilizer will ensure your success.

  1. Composting toilets

Composting toilets seem like a lot of work, but in a survival setting, they can really keep the environment clean. In some toilets, you can add Coconut Coir and turn your poo into rich soil while separating liquid waste. There are composting toilets available for many RVs, but it is also very useful if you are trying to find a suitable way to dispose of waste in a survival situation.

  1. Aerated composting

The reason you don’t want meat products in your compost is that they will decay, and you will not get compost or healthy waste removal. Instead, you’ll get stench. As long as you keep your natural waste products turned regularly, you’ll get a great aerated composting situation. It will take only months to get your yard debris and plant waste items transformed into rich soil.

  1. Vessel composting

Vessel composting is still aerated composting, but the conditions are controlled. This results in faster composting and easier composting. Instead of going out to your composting pit with a pitch fork, you can simply turn your composting canister to get your compost working. The more you turn your compost, the faster your waste will break down into usable materials.

If you are in a long-term survival situation, you will eventually appreciate the theme of reduce-reuse-recycle. It is a sustainable form of living. In the case of composting, it gets rid of trash and provides healthy soil for you to use to grow food. Composting is a good idea now, but it is an even better idea in the case of long-term survival .

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